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Pork and Brew State BBQ Championship in Rio Rancho, NM

Written by Mark T Fiedler - The Mark and Sheila Team
July 11th, 2011

The 8th Annual Pork and Brew BBQ State Championship was held over the Fourth of July weekend at the Santa Ana Star Center in Rio Rancho, NM. What was once a relatively small event has grown to be a three day celebration of fun, music and barbeque! There were dozens of competitors vying for top prize in Chicken, Ribs, Pork and Brisket BBQ.  You could buy samples from most vendors, and if you found one you really liked, you could buy a meal-sized portion to enjoy. For the kids and teens, the carnival rides beckoned. The music from the bandstand filled the whole area and dancing while you enjoyed a cold beer or lemonade was optional. The band performing in the video is “Wrestlin with Jimmy”.

Pork and Brew

Winners by Category

1st: Grand Champ: Mad Dawqz BBQ
2nd: Reserve Champ: Mad Max BBQ

1st: Mad Max BBQ
2nd: Sweet Peppers

1st: Sweet Peppers
2nd: Mad Dawqz BBQ
3rd: Mad Max BBQ

1st: Oh Kay Cees
2nd: Sweet Peppers
3rd: Taste Bud’s BBQ

1st: Mad Dawqz BBQ
3rd: Oh Kay Cees

14 Screen Premier Cinemas Theater Opens in Rio Rancho, NM

Written by Mark T Fiedler - The Mark and Sheila Team
July 7th, 2011

Premier Cinemas recently opened a new 14 screen all digital theater in Rio Rancho, NM. The projection systems are completely electronic, without any film involved, and therefore are also without the dust, scratches and other defects that come with it. Rio Rancho had been without a movie theater for about 20 years. Premier Cinemas CEO Gary Moore presided over the grand opening. In a first for the company, fans were invited to watch a movie or two for free on opening day. The theater boasts 4D presentations utilizing D-Box motion seating which moves in sync with action scenes in the movie. The city utilized gross receipts tax investment policy incentives to attract and secure the new facility, which is located near the corner of Unser Blvd. and Southern Blvd.