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Video: Searching for Shark’s Teeth in the Rio Puerco Valley of New Mexico.

Written by Mark T Fiedler - The Mark and Sheila Team
October 27th, 2010


How could shark’s teeth be just lying around on the ground just a few miles west of Rio Rancho, NM? Well it seems that many, many years ago this area was covered by ocean. If you know where to look, and what you are looking for, it’s relatively easy to find ancient shark’s teeth, the remnants of shellfish and petrified wood on or near the surface.

Last week, members of the League of Exceptional Gentlemen and their families went on a hunt for “Teeth and Bones” in the Rio Puerco Valley. The Rio Puerco Valley is primarily known for the nearly 50 volcanic necks in the area and for its rugged beauty.

In areas where hills have been pushed up from the plains, we easily found ancient clam shells, and the remains of other, larger shellfish. Wherever there were clam shells, chances were good that you would also find shark’s teeth – sometimes small, pointed or serrated teeth, sometime larger teeth, and sometimes more blunt molar-like grinding teeth for crushing shells. Often the teeth were encased in stone.  Also lying on the surface were various types of volcanic rock and lots of gypsum crystals. The crystals looked like pieces of flat 1/4 inch thick, clear glass. The sand dunes of White Sands, NM are made of gypsum crystals. In the space of a couple hours, the group located at least a dozen shark teeth and many more artifacts.