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Vantage Homes disappoints this time….

Written by Mark T Fiedler - The Mark and Sheila Team
March 31st, 2010

This weekend, Tana DuBose, a Buyer Representative on our team took a client to visit a model home built by Vantage Homes. Tana had done some research on the Vantage Homes website regarding homes that were being offered at a local subdivision. She had found a home in her client’s price range which would meet their needs. The price on the Vantage website was $125,990 for a Calais II floorplan in the Northern Meadows area in Rio Rancho. When Tana and her client went to buy one, they were told that the price was $133,990 – a difference of $8000!  They pointed out the price displayed on the web site, but were told that the homes were now “improved” with better insulation, Energy Star fixtures, etc. and they now cost more money. A call to a manager did no good. The comment was made that “the website is way behind”.

Over the years I have found Vantage to be a reputable builder, but I am disappointed that they seem to be unable or unwilling to maintain their company website or to honor the prices displayed there.