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Getting it SOLD – How to Sell a Home in the Albuquerque / Rio Rancho Market (2)

Written by Mark T Fiedler - The Mark and Sheila Team
April 19th, 2010

#2 in a Multi-Part Series…

When I first walk into a home that a client is thinking about selling, the previously listed items are just some of the first things I look at. The reason is that all of these things make a big impression on potential buyers when they walk through, and they are all cosmetic items. Without exception, if the condition of any of these items is not good to excellent, they should be brought up to that standard prior to the home being put on the market.

Let’s say that the carpet is in poor shape. Very often I get asked by the Seller if they shouldn’t just offer a carpet allowance, rather than pick the color and the type of new carpet for the potential Buyers. The answer is NO! If the carpet (and therefore the home) looks shabby, that assessment is applied by visitors to the entire home. Who wants to buy a shabby home? The result is that very few Buyers will consider buying that home. They cannot imagine what the home would be like with new carpet, so they just move on to the next one. If they DO make an offer, they reduce it by $10,000 AND take the $3,000 carpet allowance you offered. This is rarely a good thing for the Seller, who could have installed an inexpensive grade of new carpet (with good padding) for about $14/sq yd or about $2200 for an average 2000 sq ft home, saved the difference of $10,800, AND probably gotten their home sold a LOT faster.

After working in the Albuquerque / Rio Rancho area for over 12 years, we have developed a list of vendors that are well priced and provide quality products and services. They also show up (unlike a lot of contractors). Our wholesale flooring products supplier usually beats Home Depot or Lowes by 25-35% on identical products.  Putting the carpet on a credit card and paying $75/month until the house sells is a great way to cash flow getting the work done, and make another $10,000 on the home sale. 

The above scenario pretty much applies to anything cosmetic that might need doing in the home. $1000 spent making cosmetic repairs or improvements will usually return a $5000 increase in the sale price, and will DECREASE the time on market. When I advise a client about things to be done, that’s my goal – to get them a 5-to-1 return on any investment. Rarely is it to Seller’s advantage to offer their home “as is”, because they don’t want to deal with its flaws. The result of that decision is that the Buyer makes the 5-to-1 return on their improvements after buying the home at a heavily discounted price.

Occasionally I receive pushback from a Seller who doesn’t want to spend the money on a home they are leaving, or does not have the money to spend until the house sells. They may have also received advice from friends, relatives or even from other Realtors to the contrary of what I advise, but my advice is based upon the examination of hundreds of past home sales, and it works.

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