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Video: Sandia Peak Tramway

Written by Mark T Fiedler - The Mark and Sheila Team
December 1st, 2011

The Sandia Peak Tramway, or “Tram” is the third longest aerial tramway in the world. Each cable car can carry up to 50 passengers, or 10,000 lbs of cargo up the 2.7 miles to the top. From the 10,378 high summit there is a spectacular view of the Rio Grande Valley.

The Tram has carried nearly 9 million passengers in its 43 years of existence. On the way up, visitors can enjoy the ridged rock faces, deep canyons and high cliffs, old rugged oaks, pine trees, and aspen. Commonly seen wildlife in the area includes mule deer, black bears, raccoons, bobcats, squirrels, downhill skiers and snowboarders.

The idea for such a marvelous attraction was proposed by Robert Nordhaus after a trip to Europe. There he saw structures similar to the Tram he would eventually build, and the idea was born. After much difficulty in construction, including bringing up the two towers via helicopter, the Tram took it’s first carload of 50 passengers on May 7, 1966. On average, the Sandia Peak Tramway takes 10,500 trips up and down Sandia Peak every year.

Breathtaking sights are not the only thing the Tram trip provides. The peak and canyons are within the Cibola National Forest, containing 26 miles of trails for mountain bikers or hikers. Skiing is also available on the back side of the peak from December to mid March. If a visitor is hungry, the High Finance Resturant doors are always open for anyone who desires to “dine two miles high.” The Tram guides highly recommend having a meal in the evening and coming down the mountain after dark, to enjoy the city lights from a whole different perspective.